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Dry Eye Management

Results when there is inadequate lubrication of the surface of the eye (either from an inadequate amount of tears, or from poor quality of the tear film). It results in symptoms of foreign body sensation, burning, itching or redness. In more severe cases, vision can fluctuate and maybe compromised. Dry eye also increases the risk of eye infection, and contact lenses wear becomes difficult.

Dry eye usually develops with age, and is more common in women. Certain medications can exacerbate the symptoms, so do certain lifestyle measures such as prolonged computer work or air conditioning.

Treatment involves using artificial tears to lubricate the eye and help maintain moisture. If symptoms persist the doctor can inserts small punctal plugs in the openings of the tear ducts to limit the drainage of tears. More severe dry eye needs specialised treatment which is offered by Dr Robaei.

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Dr Dana Robaei - Sydney Ophthalmologist

Dr Dana Robaei

Ophthalmic Surgeon MBBS(Hons) BSc(med) MPH PhD FRANZCO

Dr Dana Robaei is a consultant ophthalmic surgeon, with fellowship training in Cataract Surgery and Corneal Transplantation from Moorfields Eye Hospital, and Medical Retina from Sydney Eye Hospital.

She has extensively published in the national and international ophthalmic literature, and presented at international ophthalmology conferences.

She specialises in Cataract Surgery, Pterygium Surgery, Macular Degeneration and all aspects of comprehensive ophthalmology.

Dr Robaei is committed to clinical and surgical excellence, with the aim of providing the highest possible standard of care based on the latest available evidence, in combination with effective communication to patients and their referrers.

Professional Qualifications

  • Graduated from UNSW with Honours, Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery
  • Master of Public Health, UNSW
  • PhD in medicine (Visual impairment in Australian School Children)
  • Advances specialty training in ophthalmology and ophthalmic surgery at Sydney Eye Hospital
  • Subspecialty fellowship training in cataract surgery and corneal transplantation at Moorfields Eye Hospital, London UK
  • Clinical Senior Lecturer in ophthalmology, University of Sydney
  • Consultant Ophthalmologist, Westmead Hospital
  • Director of Forest Eye Surgery, Frenchs Forest